Graduate Students (in alphabetical order)

Alumni (in reverse chronological order)

Susan C. Hagness


3419 Engineering Hall

Phone: (608) 265-5739

Fax: (608) 262-1267


University of Wisconsin

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

1415 Engineering Dr.

Madison, WI 53706

Susan Hagness

Graduate Students (in alphabetical order)

Tessa Haldes, Ph.D. candidate

Research interests

Applied electromagnetics, microwave hyperthermia

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Tessa Haldes

Carissa Roper, Ph.D. candidate

Research interests

Applied electromagnetics, machine learning

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Carissa Roper

Yizhou Yao, Ph.D. candidate

Research interests

Applied electromagnetics

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Yizhou Yao

Alumni (in reverse chronological order)

Audrey Evans, Ph.D., May 2023

Ph.D. Dissertation

Towards real-time monitoring of microwave ablation using microwave-induced thermoacoustic signals

Post-Graduation Employment

Los Alamos National Laboratory

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Audrey evans

Alex Haufler, Ph.D., July 2020

Ph.D. Dissertation

Microwave sensing for cranberry crop yield estimation using machine learning

Post-Graduation Employment

Raytheon Intelligence & Space

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Alex Haufler

Luz María Neira, Ph.D., December 2018

Ph.D. Dissertation

Development of high-resolution and real-time microwave imaging algorithms for applications in breast tissue imaging and microwave ablation monitoring

Post-Graduation Employment

Patfoci Technologies Inc, Rochester, MN

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Luz María Neira

James Sawicki, Ph.D., July 2018

Ph.D. Dissertation

Multiphysics Principles of Microwave Ablation for Probe Miniaturization and Ablation Monitoring

Post-Graduation Employment

Boston Scientific Corporation, Malborough, MA

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James Sawicki

Yahya Mohtashami, Ph.D., July 2018

Ph.D. Dissertation

Minimally Invasive Microwave Ablation Antennas for the Generation of Directional and Non-Directional Heating Patterns

Post-Graduation Employment

Schuller Lab, UC Santa Barbara (postdoc)

Yahya Mohtashami

Erik Aiken, Ph.D., May 2018

Ph.D. Dissertation

Advances in Electroporation-Mediated Delivery of Macromolecules

Post-Graduation Employment

Epic, Verona WI

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Erik Aiken

Sathya Ganta, Ph.D., May 2018

Ph.D. Dissertation

Advances in Uncertainty Quantification for Computational Electromagnetics

Post-Graduation Employment

Applied Materials

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Sathya Ganta

Hung Luyen, Ph.D., May 2017

Ph.D. Dissertation

Miniaturization of Microwave Ablation Antennas

Post-Graduation Employment

Behdad Lab, UW-Madison (postdoc) 2017-2020

Assistant Professor, University of North Texas, Denton, TX

Hung Luyen

Owen Mays, Ph.D. August 2016

Ph.D. Dissertation

Microwaves in Heterogeneous Tissue: Development and Evaluation of Arrays and Antennas for Breast Imaging, Tumor Treatment, and Treatment Monitoring

Post-Graduation Employment

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Owen Mays

Timothy "TJ" Colgan, Ph.D. May 2015

Ph.D. Dissertation

Algorithms and Calibration Techniques for High Resolution Microwave Breast Imaging

Post-Graduation Employment

University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Radiology

TJ Colgan

Alperen Ozalp, M.S. May 2015

M.S. Project

Revisiting the Wisconsin-Calgary Dielectric Spectroscopy Study of Breast Tissue Specimens

Post-Graduation Employment


Alperen Ozalp

Nishant Sule, Ph.D. December 2014 (primary advisor: Dr. Irena Knezevic)

Ph.D. Dissertation

The Electronic Properties of Graphene: A Multiphysics Simulation Approach

Post-Graduation Employment

University of Chicago

Nishant Sule

Fuqiang Gao, Ph.D. August 2014

Ph.D. Dissertation

Contrast-Enhanced Microwave Detection and Treatment of Breast Cancer

Post-Graduation Employment

Oracle Corporation, CA

Fuqiang Gao

Matthew Burfeindt, Ph.D. May 2013

Ph.D. Dissertation

Methods for Mitigating the Effect of Noise, Interference, and Model Error on Microwave Breast Imaging

Post-Graduation Employment

Air Force Research Laboratory, Munitions Directorate, Eglin AFB, FL

Matthew Burfeindt

Suzette Aguilar, Ph.D. October 2012

Ph.D. Dissertation

3D multi-frequency antenna arrays for clinical validation of microwave breast imaging

Post-Graduation Employment

Motorola Mobility, Inc, Libertyville, IL

Suzette Aguilar

Al Mashal, Ph.D. February 2011

Ph.D. Dissertation

Investigation of contrast agents for microwave detection and treatment of breast cancer

Post-Graduation Employment

Actium Biosystems, Boulder CO

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Al Mashal

Jacob Shea, Ph.D. December 2010

Ph.D. Dissertation

Fundamental, formational, and practical challenges in microwave inverse scattering for medical imaging of the breast

Post-Graduation Employment

UWCEM (postdoc)

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Jacob Shea

Keely Willis, Ph.D. December 2010

Ph.D. Dissertation

EMC/FDTD/MD for multiphysics characterization of semiconductors at THz frequencies

Post-Graduation Employment

AWR Corporation, Mequon, WI

Keely Willis

Stephen Kennedy, Ph.D. December 2010

Ph.D. Dissertation

A macro- and molecular-scaled, electrostimulatory approach for regulated drug delivery

Post-Graduation Employment

Laboratory for Cell and Tissue Engineering, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Cambridge, MA

Steve Kennedy

Earl Zastrow, Ph.D. September 2010

Ph.D. Dissertation

Development of tools and techniques for non-invasive microwave-induced hyperthermia treatment of breast and brain tumors

Post-Graduation Employment

IT'IS Foundation, Zurich, Switzerland

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Earl Pratoomtong

Min Zhao, Ph.D. August 2009

Ph.D. Dissertation

Contributions to cost reduction and sensitivity improvement of microwave breast cancer reduction

Post-Graduation Employment

Boston Scientific Corporation, Minneapolis, MN

Min Zhao

Mariya Lazebnik, Ph.D. June 2008

Ph.D. Dissertation

Ultrawideband spectroscopy and dielectric-properties contrast enhancement for microwave breast cancer detection and treatment

Post-Graduation Employment

Medtronic Incorporated, Minneapolis, MN

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Mariya Lezebnik

Patagiotis Kosmas, Postdoctoral Scholar 2007

Employed By

King's College, London

Panos Kosmas

David Winters, Ph.D. August 2007

Ph.D. Dissertation

Dimensionality reduction in inverse scattering: Applications to microwave imaging for breast cancer detection

Post-Graduation Employment

The MITRE Corporation, Boston, MA

David Winters

Zhen Ji, Ph.D. March 2007

Ph.D. Dissertation

Biological cell membrane dynamics induced by electric pulses

Post-Graduation Employment

Department of Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Zhen Ji

Essex Bond, Ph.D. December 2006

Ph.D. Dissertation

Space-time methods for breast cancer detection and treatment using ultrawideband microwave signals

Post-Graduation Employment

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, CA

Essex Bond

Dr. Mark Converse

Employed By

Department of Surgery, University of Wisconsin - Madison

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Dr. Mark Converse

Shakti Davis, Ph.D. August 2006

Ph.D. Dissertation

Ultrawideband radar-based detection and classification of breast tumors

Post-Graduation Employment

MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Boston, MA

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Shakti Davis

Anuj Dron, M.S. May 2006

Post-Graduation Employment

Qualcomm Inc, San Diego, CA

Currently Employed By

Rayspan Corporation, San Diego, CA

Anuj Dron

Henri Tandradinata, M.S. August 2004

M.S. Project

Three dimensional finite-difference time-domain code for use in simulating breast cancer detection and treatment using ultrawideband microwave technologies

Post-Graduation Employment

ZS Associates, Evanston, IL

Henri Tandradinata

Luke Palmer, M.S. August 2004

M.S. Project

Hardware and software developments for ultrawideband microwave breast cancer detection

Post-Graduation Employment

Epic Systems, Madison, WI

Luke Palmer

Rebecca Senkowicz, M.S. Mathematics June 2004


Solutions manual for a computational electromagnetics textbook

Post-Graduation Employment

Edgewood College, Madison, WI

Rebecca Senkowicz

Cynthia Beasly, M.S. December 2003

M.S. Project

In vivo and ex vivo dielectric spectroscopy of breast tissue at microwave frequencies using a precision probe

Post-Graduation Employment

Research Triangle Institute, NC

Cynthia Beasley

Tae-Woo Lee, Ph.D. December 2003

Ph.D. Dissertation

Development and application of full-wave time-domain numerical modeling techniques for the analysis of linear and nonlinear photonic micro/nanostructures

Post-Graduation Employment

Argonne National Laboratories, IL

Xu Li, Ph.D. December 2003

Ph.D. Dissertation

An ultrawideband microwave imaging system for early detection of breast cancer

Post-Graduation Employment

Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

Xu Li

Matt Oswald, M.S. June 2002

M.S. Project

Reconfigurable single-feed antennas for diversity wireless communications

Post-Graduation Employment

Sandia National Laboratory

Current Employment

Smiths Medical, Waukesha, WI

Dina Hagl, M.S. Dec 2001

M.S. Project

Sensing volume of open-ended coaxial probes for dielectric spectroscopy of breast tissue at microwave frequencies

Post-Graduation Employment

Bundeswehr Universitat (Germany)

Dina Hagl with WI Gov. Thompson

Dina speaking with former WI Governor Thompson!

Narayanan Murugesan, M.S. June 2001

M.S. Project

Unconditionally stable full-wave Maxwell's equation solver for VLSI interconnect modeling

Post-Graduation Employment


Dr. Salvador Gonzalez Garcia, Visiting Scholar 2001

Employed By

Universidad de Grenada, Spain

Kristen Leininger, M.S. Dec 2000

M.S. Thesis

Dielectric characterization of normal, benign, and malignant breast tissue: A pilot study

Post-Graduation Employment

Motorola, Inc.

Dristen Leininger

Dr. Luc Gilles, Visiting Scholar 1999

Employed By

Imperial College, University of London